I am a fully accredited and experienced rare book dealer and provide professional advice, leading potentially to offers to buy any of your collectable books or to completely manage your entire book clearance, however large. Some of those rare and hard to acquire books are catalogued here for direct sale on this website.

Do you want to sell or dispose of a book collection?

To talk to Jason about your book collection disposal or sale, please telephone 07791962785.
We are able to leave no books behind! If you have a large collection of books that you need to re-home, I would be happy to consider the whole book collection as one, and be able to try and find good new homes for every single title.
The books would most likely be sold at my independent bookshop in Haggerston (Burley Fisher Books) -making them affordable to all. 
Whenever possible,  with intense research and description, I try to present a relatively obscure title to it's most enthusiastic and receptive audience when we are cataloguing it.
Bookshop profits pay for incentivising and training  as many bookshop staff as we can afford, with the hope that they will, in turn,  progress to managing their own independent bookshops elsewhere in London or the UK.
Currently we have Books Iconica in Brick Lane and the National Theatre Bookshop under ownership or management of recent former staff members (Mhairi McGeachy & Jake Franklin). 
Burley Fisher Books, in Haggerston, is also currently run by my business partner, Sam Fisher, who was a former member of staff at my book shop in Old Street (now permanently closed due to building works & the end of my lease there).
Thank you for helping me to secure the future of a few more independent bookshops.
Every book was valuable to the person who first bought it. Every book is valuable now to the person who buys it from our bookshop or our websites.